Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Worksheet 9 by Princeton and Pravin Classwork question 5

The solution:

(i)First we arrange the values like this

n x $1.60+$0.80= X which we assume to be the sum of money Mrs Tan had
(n+10) x $0.70+$0.10= X

From these values we can conclude that n x $1.60+$0.80=(n+10) x $0.70+$0.10

So we move the values around to get...


n=($6.30/$0.90) x 10

so we substitute the value of N to find out Mrs.Tan's sum of money

7 x $1.60+$0.80= $12

So if 1 mango costs $1.60...

She can buy...

She can buy 7 mangoes.

(ii) Amount of money= $12

Mrs.Tan had $12 to buy fruits


  1. Nice but it would be better if the picture was a little clearer. Anyways, good job!

    *this is from S1-09

  2. Nice explanation, simple and easy to understand but the picture is not very clear.