Sunday, September 11, 2011

S1 (Viva Voce) Part A Question 3 by Liu Guo Jin

S1 (Viva Voce) Part B Reflection
When I was doing my recording, loud noises from the living room could be heard and I had to specially ask my parents and my siblings to keep quiet and i had to closed my door too. I had difficulties trying to make the slides at the start but was able to do it correctly with the help of my friends and siblings. I also had difficulties trying to explain the questions using only those few slides. There was once when my sister came in and i had no choice but to restart the recording. But i didn't give up because of that as i know i have to get it done as no one else would do it for me. I had to be independent. After everything was done, i did some editing and the video is my final product. I hope i can score well as i had put in my upmost effort in it. 

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