Saturday, September 10, 2011

Maths Viva

S1(Viva voice)Part A Question 1

S1(Viva voice)Part B reflection
From the maths VIva Performance task,I face some challenges and I also had to try and use the methods that my teacher,Mr Johari,taught us before during maths lessons,the question I worked on for my maths performance task is question number 1.When doing question number 1.I had to multiply some quite complicated algebraic numbers to together and that was really challenging because it was very confusing and messy for me but in the end I passed through that challenge.The next challenge was converting the centimeter squared are of the rectangle to the meter squared area of it.Then I learnt more about how to use my Maths knowledge in certain areas to answer the questions.I also revised my skills of algebraic multiplication.

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