Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Equation, Expression and Solution

Define the following:

Leading questions: 
- do they have specific characteristics
- are they linked?

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You may do the following:
i. refer to maths dictionaries
ii. watch the you-tube
iii. refer to ACE learning


  1. A. An equation is something which can be solved
    B.An expression is something that can bee simplified
    C.Any and all value of the variable that satisfies an equation, inequality, system of equations, or system of inequalities.

  2. An equation is like a maths sentence, like 4x=16. An expression is a maths sentence that cannot be solved, like 5x=2y+1. A solution is the way to answer the question most efficiently.

  3. A. EQUATION is a statement that indicate that two mathematical expressions are equal. (Represented by the = sign)
    B. EXPRESSION is a mathematical statement that can be simplified
    C. A solution is a way to answer or solve a question.

  4. A. An equations is a statement that states one value or variable that is equal to one another.

    B. An expression is a combination of symbols that can be simplified.

    C. A solution is to work out an answer from a problem.

  5. A. An equation's Left Hand Side and Right Hand Side are both equal, for example: 2x + 11 = 13 , equations are able to be solved.

    B. An expression can only be simplified or factorised, but not solved fully, such as: 2x + 11 .

    C. A solution is the answer to the expression, like the 1st example, 11 is the solution.

  6. A. An equation is a mathematical sentence built from expressions using one or more equal signs (=).

    B. Expressions may not contain the equal sign (=) or any type of inequality signs such as (≤), (≤) or (≠).

    C. A solution is an algebraic term that satisfies an expression or equation

  7. An equation is a mathematical sentence where both sides of the = sign are equal.
    An expression is a combination of symbols and numbers, or just symbols that can be simplified.
    An equation is the answer to a question.

  8. Equation: Mathematical Sentence with 2 or more variables
    Expression: Combination of many symbols like x
    Solution: A number or answer that proves an equation right