Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Talent Development Programme (TDP) and Support Programme

Hi all,
The following students have been selected for TDP and Support Programme.

Talent Development Programme
Please report in Learning Oasis during TCS on Wednesday, 6 July
selected student/s
1. Yeo Hung Kye
2. Yong Ming Yang
3. Dylaine Ho
4. Alvin Tang

We have limited spaces for the above programmes, students not selected for TDP will still have opportunity to be part of the programme pending their performance end of the year. Note that, all students will still be participating in the Australian Maths Competition later in term 3.

Support Programme
Please report in MPR 2 during TCS on Wednesday, 6 July
S1-08: Tay Zhi An
S1-08: Velmurugan Pravin

Students not selected for Support programme may still make appointment with Maths teacher/s during consultation period however you need to book the teacher via google doc. Use this opportunity to address your concern and Mathematical problems.

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