Monday, July 11, 2011

Algebraic expansion

Please complete the following series of tasks individually in class.

Task 1:
Review worksheet 3 before submission to your Maths rep.
Make sure you have included all the necessary working.

Task 2:
precursor to Algebraic expansion using certain algebraic rules.
a. Attempt the following COMPULSORY quiz via ACE Learning first
S1 Algebra Worksheet 4 Quiz (a)
S1 Algebra Worksheet 4 Quiz (b)
note: this is a graded quiz and must be completed in class.

Task 3
a. Go through the following slides

b. Attempt the lesson package from ACE Learning
Self-directed learning activity using ACE Learning portal.
Individually, please review the lesson video on
Expansion of Algebraic Expressions
Expansion of Algebraic Expressions using Formula
i. (a+b)2
ii. (a-b)2
iii. (a+b)(a-b)

c. Complete Worksheet 4. (if time permits)
(Please ask Ms Loh or Ms Doreen Tan for copies - there are on my table in the Staff room)

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