Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The MODE....

Definition -  Mode is a way of finding average by finding out the most popular number/the number that appeared the most times in the data collected

1. Collect data
2. List out numbers horizontally in ascending order(numerically)/ in a Stem and Leaf graph
3. Find the number that repeats the most/most popular number in the data collected
4. Answer is found!!!

Advantages - Gives you the most popular trend in the society
Disadvantages - Could be very far from the actual representation of what is really average, and it is tedious to find out the number.

Done by:
Velusamy SathiaKumar Ragul Balaji
Chang Zhuo Kai Marcellus
Darren Lim Ming Xuan
Jamie Lim SiYing

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  1. Well done guys for being proactive and being the first to submit. Be prepared to explain the concepts to your friends this will inevitably improve your understanding.