Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Difference between the two problems in (d)

The two problems I was given:
3x^2 and (3x)^2
In (3x)^2, you square the product of 3*x, as you have to work out the calculation in it first, since it is in a bracket. In 3x^2, however, you only square x, as there is no bracket.

For example, take x as 2.
In 3x^2 the working is as follows:
3(2^2) = 3(4) = 12

In (3x)^2 the working is as follows:
(3*2)^2 = 6^2 = 36

Therefore, 3x^2 and (3x)^2 may look similar, but they give different answers.

Done By: Dylaine Ho (1)

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