Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Definition, method, advantages and disadvantages of Median

Definition: Median is the middle mark or number in a group of numbers. 
Method: Whether or not the numbers of numbers are even or odd, you will have to arrange the numbers in ascending order. If there is an odd number of numbers in the group of numbers, the median of the group of numbers is the number in the middle of the group of numbers. If the list of numbers is too big, you could take the total number of numbers and add one and divide by two eg. (a+1)/2+median number
If the numbers is an even group of numbers, then the median is the middle 2 numbers added together dived by 2 and that is the median number.(a +b)/2=median number
Advantages: It is one of the easiest way to get the middle number in a whole list of numbers. 

Disadvantage: That is not a method to find the average in a list of numbers.

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