Thursday, January 13, 2011

the decimals that we know...

Topic: Decimals....
Well as we know decimal is one of the most confusing topic that most people try to avoid it. Sadly, decimal is actually one of the big topic especially when in terms of MONEY. Nobody wants to have change as you have to ‘kill’ your brain cells to find what would be the change. Thanks to today’s modern technology, there is this thing called the calculator. 
My mother loves to calculate the cost of the total price so she would know how much it could cost and may also calculate the profit earn or loss. For instance of use in decimal: $3.75, $12.69, and even $1.00. So, you THINK we all hate cents.... Wrong! Cashier needs those coins as we usually love just to give the notes not coins. When you need to change any coins to notes just go to a nearby store and ask.( Probably would not work when the person is very angry.)
Only if you have the knowledge to calculate fast...Wait a second, you could actually improve your calculation by listen attentive in class on the topic of decimals, after one year, you would probably show off your ‘talent’ and somebody around you would be impress. Cool is it? So listen to your attentively.
Done by: Our group...
               Alvin Tang, Zhi An, Yong Hong and Pravin.
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